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Guest suite

Rest is a vital component of the healing process. We desire that men and women leave our retreats having experienced sound sleep and feeling rested in their body. Each ADA friendly bedroom will serve as a place of respite and retreat where our couples can tuck away together for one-on-one time and our widows can find rest and privacy.  

“For he gives to his beloved sleep.”
Psalm 127:2  

Nature teaches us so much about God. Our retreats provide ample opportunities for connection with God through solitude and stillness; something that can be difficult in seasons of hardship. Your donations to the trails and garden will cultivate rhythms for healing and personal experiences with God. 

the trails + prayer garden

the chef's kitchen + dining area

The Chef’s Kitchen is more than a place of preparation, but the behind-the-scenes element of our extreme hospitality over shared meals. Bodies will be well nourished and souls will come alive when these meals are shared in our Dining Space over rich conversations. This area of gathering is a catalyst for connection at our retreats. 

Building lasting connections is our mission and we’ve designed multiple inviting areas across our property to facilitate rest and recreation. This outdoor gathering area of the Retreat House is meant to create a relaxed environment that can be shared with the people who make you feel seen in the circumstances that can feel isolating. Our zero entry pool design and wheelchair lift will ensure this space can be comfortably enjoyed by those of all physical abilities.

the pool + outdoor dining terrace

the worship area + fire pit

Offering songs of worship in dark seasons of life is sacred space. Deep transformation can occur when communities rise up to proclaim truth amidst the storms of life. Worship is a staple at each of our retreats and your donations to The Worship Area will have an eternal impact. 

oasis under the deck

The Oasis is a specially designed relaxation nook tucked into a space that might otherwise be overlooked, set aside to rest in the shade beside the beautiful Santa Rosa Sound to fellowship, read a book, or spend time in solitude. Because we believe in building a deep, lasting connection with God and others at the Retreat House, we’ve the nook as a unique space to facilitate rest and connection. 

the beach + outdoor rec areas

Joy in the midst of trials can cultivate a more true understanding of joy. Our retreats make space for activities that will create lasting memories regardless of physical ability. Your donations to the beach and recreation area provide those at our retreats the opportunity to choose to participate in activity or simply to rest in God’s creation among friends.  

Perched atop the third story, with a view extending out across the sound and Santa Rosa National Seashore Island to the emerald Gulf beyond, this indoor/outdoor gathering area will provide a quiet and relaxing space for groups and individuals alike 

the eagle's nest

this would need to be divided out from the pool and outdoor dining terrace

the pool

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the trails & grounds

the retreat house

Tucked on the edge of a wooded wetland on the shores of the Santa Rosa Sound, the Retreat House will provide a tranquil haven for warrior couples and young widows seeking solace and connection. Designed with purpose and intention, the resort-like style and amenities will blend seamlessly with the warmth of a home-away-from-home. Its ADA compliance, thoughtfully integrated into the design, will offer accessibility without sacrificing the cozy atmosphere, ensuring all visitors feel at ease. Each bedroom will be an oasis of comfort and privacy, while the spacious gathering areas and inviting kitchen and dining spaces will foster connections over shared meals and meaningful conversations.

Just beyond a butterfly garden and prayer path, ADA-accessible raised walking trails weave through the woods above the wetlands. These thoughtfully designed trails provide an opportunity for guests to be physically active and immerse themselves in nature without leaving the Crowned for Ashes property. With a commitment to creating spaces for rest and connection, the trails also offer accessible resting points with built-in benches. These serene spots along the trail serve as perfect places to pause and engage in heart-to-heart conversations or a quiet moment alone.

Designed as an outdoor extension of the indoor amenities the Retreat House has to offer, the second story deck features spacious outdoor dining and fire pit areas which encourage gathering as a community over shared meals and conversation. Perched at the edge of the second story outdoor living space, a zero-entry pool with a wheelchair lift offers both relaxation and accessibility with a serene view of the Santa Rosa Sound, with the National Seashore and the Gulf stretching out beyond. On the grounds below, a quiet sand beach and dock overlook the Santa Rosa Sound; the perfect place for quiet moments to relax in the sun or enjoy a water activity such as paddle boarding or kayaking. For those seeking a bit of skilled adventure, an archery range awaits. The grounds are a haven of diverse experiences, each designed to facilitate connection, relaxation, and outdoor recreation.

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the conceptual floor plans

With your financial contributions, we are one step closer to realizing the vision of Crowned For Ashes and creating a safe haven for those seeking comfort and refuge. While named gifts allow for specific parts of the project to bear the names of our generous supporters, they do not guarantee the immediate construction of those particular elements.

Our project follows a well-thought-out, multi-phase build strategy, prioritizing the completion of essential buildings and facilities first.This approach ensures that we can provide necessary resources and services to those in need as quickly as possible. Rest assured, however, that all named gifts will be honored, and subsequent phases of construction will include the implementation of the named features.Together, we are making a lasting impact, bringing hope and comfort to individuals who deserve it most.

Your gift is an investment in all who will find home and healing here.
Crowned For Ashes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. EIN: 47-2859137
As such, your donation is tax-deductible.

Dept of Agriculture REGISTRATION#: CH71503

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